Wednesday, November 24, 2010

EA Sports= huge letdown

My email to EA(no response.... Yet)

FIFA 11 has potential to be an amazing play on the iPad yet the
constant lag during gameplay makes the game virtually unplayable. It's like playing futbol with a beach ball. Please fix it asap. It's in your best interest business wise. I'm not alone, a simple google search reveals the magnitude of dissatisfaction and outrage with the lag and the product. There are also iPhone, ps3, pc, and xbox users complaining about the lag but after playing the game on xbox I can say it's 100000 times faster on the console than on the iPad. Concentrate on the gameplay instead of variety of soccer balls and stadiums and liscenses. Simply said, this game is too big (almost a gig) to run so badly on the iPad. If it wasnt playable why is it available. Thank you.